Jokes and novelties : expressions to think about

Jokes and novelties : expressions to think about

Deep thoughts - February 21, 2018

Here are some short phrases and ideas we hear all the time on topics related to bedding. Each one deserves a thought for a moment.

Change bedding every ten years

A lot of bedding solutions are decaying after four or five years !
Quality natural bedding will last more than fifteen years and will be able to be upgraded to change only the wearing parts.

Mattresses with summer side and winter side

Would there be only two seasons ?
In any case, it is the sleeper who brings the temperature in the bed, and it will always be 37°C to manage or even more in the heart of summer. And precisely, it is in summer, when it’s really hot, that it’s really nice to sleep on wool thanks to its ability to regulate body moisture.

Mattresses treated against this and against that

How long does the treatment lasts, and in order to do it again, doesn’t one need to wear a mask? Not to mention the time the sleeper has breathed all these treatments.

The 7 zones mattresses

Problem : I am 1,60 m, tall and my pillow is 30 cm, on which zone is going to lay my pelvis ?

A mattress must be hard

Neither hard nor soft, tonic for the skeleton and pleasant to avoid compressing parts of the body, causing the sleeper to turn over during sleep.

If your bed base is still good, change only the mattress

More and more people are just changing the mattress. More and more people just have back pain.

Cover drawing Ophélie Glorieux (with permission, all rights reserved).