Sajam Namestaja Belgrade : Ott Système becomes international

Sajam Namestaja Belgrade : Ott Système becomes international

News - October 26, 2018

On November 6th, Ott System will officially launch in Serbia with the participation of Ecovolve at the Belgrade Furniture Fair (Sajam Namestaja Beograd). This show is the most important event in all of South East Europe that concerns the furniture industry.

A large stand on a big fair

Partner of Ott System from the beginning, Ecovolve manufactures in Belgrade a large part of the essential components of the system. Continuing its development in the region, Ecovolve is now launching the sale of Ott System beds in Belgrade. The official launch will take place on the Belgrade International Furniture Fair, which runs from November 6 to November 11, 2018 at the Sajam Beogradski complex.

Ecovolve will be present in Hall 4 on stand 4059 with a surface area of 50m2. In addition to Ott System, the entire Revolana range will also be presented for the first time.

Below is a video presentation of an earlier version of the show.

Interest in natural bedding has no borders

The founders of Ecovolve, Milena and Lionel Mestre, who moved to Belgrade last June, have seen significant interest in natural bedding in Serbia. Unlike France, where the offer has existed for many years and is already well developed, the offer in Serbia is non-existent. Yet the demand already exists and it will just develop more as the public discovers the benefits of using natural materials in bedding.

Ecovolve will be able to offer an Ott System solution made entirely in Serbia from the solid wood bed frame to the bed linen.

An international exhibition

The Belgrade Furniture Fair is also an international event with more than 45 represented countries. It will be a great opportunity to show Ott System to an wide audience which can only help its development.

Cover photo: Sajam Beogradski complex in Belgrade (source Sajam Beogradski).