An inclined bed story

An inclined bed story

As soon as I became aware of the “Fletcher bed”, my curiosity pushed me to try the experiment, in relation to my painful legs problems, and mainly rhinitis. I started modestly by placing a book under the two feet of my bed, in the head of course. Gradually increasing the height over the days, my inclined bed got to be perched at 12cm, which, for my part, I found sufficient (the Fletcher bed is tilted to about 15cm to get an angle of 5 degree between head and feet).

The inclination implies an adaptation, which is why it is desirable to proceed gradually !

On the other hand, for my part, the benefits were immediate: light legs and very strongly reduced nasal discharge, and other improvements of a less medical nature.

As I had to renew my bed, and after some unsuccessful research, I had the pleasure of having my bed made with Mr Ott, who knew the Fletcher bed, and who designed my bedding in this spirit: removable surelevation, height customized for the two feet of bed at the head, wooden stop to prevent slippage of the mattress, and scratch system at the bed base.

With these facilities, I was able to enjoy both the exceptional comfort and high quality of this bedding while being on a bed inclined to my personal convenience.

After one year of inclined bed, I wanted to go back down.

Thus, for some months, I sleep flat again, but for the moment, my little circulatory problems and others have not returned. I know that, thanks to the removable feet, I will have the possibility to do periods in inclined bed at my convenience, respecting my feelings.

Jeannine V.

Cover photo credit: Massif des Bauges, Annecy Guides Office