Category: News Ott System

Category: News Ott System

Ott System on the 57th Belgrade Furniture Fair

November 10, 2019 - News

For the second year in a row, the Ott System ergonomic bedding solution was presented by Ecovolve at the Belgrade International Furniture Fair from 5 to 10 November 2019.

Award ceremony of the investment of the Year in Serbia - Aurea 2019

April 4, 2019 - News

On march 28th, Ecovolve was present at the award ceremony, Aurea 2019, that prized the investment of the year in Serbia, as it was amongst the 8 nominees with Ott System. Competition was fierce and the prize was won by a large investment of 34 millions euros in a brand new factory for baby food.

Ott Système is nominated for Aurea 2019

March 14, 2019 - News

Ecovolve (with Ott Système) has entered in the short list of 8 finalists for the yearly innovation competition Aurea 2019. Aurea is a competition that is organized each year since 2009 to award the most innovative and promising project of the year in Serbia.

Opening of the first Ott System store in Belgrade

February 14, 2019 - News

Under the name Biodom, the company Ecovolve, which manufactures and distributes Ott System in Serbia, opens its first store in the very center of Belgrade. Ott System is presented with 2 beds, one to try the slat system and the other to try the mattresses.

Ecovolve presents Ott System at the Belgrade Furniture Fair

November 7, 2018 - News

The international furniture fair in Belgrade started last Tuesday and continues until Sunday 11 November. Ecovolve is present for the launch and presentation of Ott System and Revolana in Serbia. The stand with its elegant and refined design was noticed and the 3 beds of our partners from Alsace made for this occasion triggered interest.

Sajam Namestaja Belgrade : Ott Système becomes international

October 26, 2018 - News

On November 6th, Ott System will officially launch in Serbia with the participation of Ecovolve at the Belgrade Furniture Fair (Sajam Namestaja Beograd). This show is the most important event in all of South East Europe that concerns the furniture industry.