Respect for people and their environment

Respect for people and their environment

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Why sleep in a natural bed ?

Because we (still) have this choice.
Choosing to sleep in a room with natural bedding and surrounded with natural materials is a profound choice that often goes with the questioning of a certain artificial lifestyle.

Choosing is knowing how to say no

  • No to the toxic all chemical mantra with disastrous carbon balances.
  • No to products with complex assemblies that are impossible to recycle.
  • No to the increase of indoor pollution in our homes.
  • No to scheduled obsolescence.

Choosing wisely is also saying

  • No to greenwashing.
  • No to those who surf the green wave purely for profit-making purposes.
  • No to the dusting of organic products in petrochemical mixtures.
  • No to the use of the word organic without label certification.

Choosing is saying yes

  • Yes to a way of life that supports motivated craftsmen for the well-being of sleepers.
  • Yes to healthy, noble and humanly compatible materials.
  • Yes to lasting comfort that stays in the long term.
  • Yes to oneself by respecting the body and the mind.

Reducing waste : a constant attention

Natural bedding does not produce waste because everything is biodegradable. Ott System goes further by reducing packagings used for bed frames and matresses. Deliveries are made by those who make the bed, directly, without carrier and without disposable packaging.

We use movers blankets for bed frames and reusable cotton covers for slat systems and mattresses. A large quantity of plastics and disposable cardboard is thus spared.

The use of noble materials creates noble waste that are reusable (wood chips, small woods, sawdust).