Wool and latex mattress

Wool and latex mattress

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The mattress combines a natural latex core with a pure wool mattress topper. It combines all the benefits of wool (breathable and regulating) with all the benefits of latex (flexibility and resilience). It is a mattress like no other that provides great comfort and a feeling of immediate well-being.

The natural latex core

The heart of the Ott System mattress is a block of pure natural latex. Latex has several advantages :

  • bacteriostatic ;
  • very long life ;
  • high resilience ;
  • unparalleled comfort recognized by professionals of high-end bedding.

Latex protective cover

The block of latex is placed in a first protective cover made of 100% organic cotton jersey fabric that is GOTS certified. This cover is equipped with a YKK brand zipper to be completely removable.

The mattress cover

The block of latex in its first cover is placed in a second cover made of 100% organic cotton canvas fabric 300 g/m² GOTS certified, very resistant and durable.

The pure wool mattress topper

Wool is incorporated in the upper part of the mattress at a density of 1000 g/m². The mattress topper cover is 100% organic cotton, made in a soft and welcoming 200 g/m2 twill fabric. The mattress topper is attached to the rest of the cover by a YKK zipper on the entire periphery, so that it can be removed completely for easy maintenance. Wool has several advantagess :

  • temperature regulation ;
  • strongly antistatic ;
  • do not keep smells ;
  • slightly abrasive (this is a bad ground for dust mites) ;
  • untreated wool is : humanly compatible ;
  • absorbs and dilutes body moisture in a very short time.

As wool tends to settle down over time, we use 2 layers of needle-punched wool felt. That way, the wool is stable and does not move in time.

Organic cotton mattress topper

It is possible to order a quilted mattress topper with a 100% organic cotton felt instead of wool. Without having the same benefits of wool, the organic cotton mattress top offers great comfort with a necessary regulating layer on top of the latex.

Our specificity

The mattress can be completely dismantled, controlled, cleaned and is exempt of any planned obsolescence.

From width 140cm and more, the mattress can be composed of two separated latex core, either in 2 separated mattress cover or in the same one. Each latex core can have its own density. That is a way to provide 2 different firmness and let one move in his or her sleep without bothering his/her partner sleep.

For instance, for a bed 160×200 cm : 2 latex cores of 80×200 cm of 2 different densities and a single cover 160×200 cm.

The Ott System mattress is completely demountable, controllable and without planned obsolescence.
The Ott System mattress is completely demountable, controllable and without planned obsolescence.